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Day of the Dead Workshop

Oct 19th

Guided Meditation 11-12pm

Erin Pollaro, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Mindfulness Meditation Enthusiast

Join me for a guided meditation where we will practice cultivating loving awareness of the present moment--a practice that can bring stability to the heart and mind which is especially helpful during times of grief or loss. Meditation can also more fully bring to life all that we fold dear. Let us breathe deeply together as we connect with impermanence. Consider bringing a cushion or blanket to sit or lie down on.

The 'F' Word, Surviving the Death of a Child 12-1

Anna Cook

As a bereaved parent I have for the last 10 years listened, comforted, and shared coping skills with dozens of parents whose child has passed away. The death of my eldest daughter in 2007 left me standing alone surrounded by people who loved and cared for me but did not have the tools to help me cope. For three years, I sought out resources to help me function but I did it alone, surrounded by many who loved and cared for me. In 2010, I established a local chapter of Bereaved Parents of the USA. It was inconceivable that other parents were suffering alone but need not; I wanted to fill that void. I do not have any formal education in counseling nor therapy. What I have to offer is a personal story, not just mine but many who have found how to transition from despair to hope.

The 'F' Word, Surviving the Death of a Child, is a topic that many eschew. Many people, with the best of intentions, will ask grieving parents what they can do, those parents rarely know. This presentation is intended to provide information for those who want to provide meaningful care for parents who are living a nightmare.

Currently, I am the facilitator of Santa Ynez Valley Grief Group. The group is open to all no matter what loss leaves them grieving, every third Monday of the month at St. Marks in the Vally at 5:15 pm.

Dancing with Grief 1-2pm

Heather Walker, Registered Nurse and PhD candidate in Somatic Depth Psychology

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Day of the Dead Workshops