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The Story behind the Sculpture…

While on a trip to see the La Perisima Mission in Lompoc, CA, Lon watched a reenactment put on by the Chumash Indians. One of the men told him an old Chumash myth that has stuck with him all his life. In a time long ago, some ordinary tortoises burrowed underground to escape the summer heat, and hibernate for the winter. The Indians believe that some of the tortoises waited too long before returning to the sea and were trapped under the earth. They continued to grow until the entire land mass of California rode on their backs. These tortoises grew so large and became cramped together, pushing and snapping at one another causing the earth to tremble, creating an earthquake. Decades after hearing the fascinating tale, Lon was inspired to create this magnificent sculpture. The detail and character of this piece is extraordinary.

Tier I and II Outdoor Classroom and Garden Photos

Apr 19, 2011 by s’Cool Gardens ~ Cultivating the Future ~ SBCC Center for Sustainability
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