Gratitude to Los Olivos Rotary

The garden was glorious this evening as Los Olivos Rotary met at the Botanic Garden and took a tour of the garden. They took note of the growth of a tree they donated many years ago and were impressed at the growth and development of the garden. We are so grateful for their continued support of the garden creating a great place for the community to enjoy.

Photography in Nature

It was a beautiful day in the garden for the photography in nature workshop hosted by the Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden. The creative energy and excitement was flowing as photography enthusiasts gathered and learned great tips and then explored throughout the Garden and photographed with professional photographers. The results are many beautiful photos we look forward to seeing and sharing! Thank you all for participating and to photographers Jose Villa, Derek Glas, Angelina Hernandez and Bill Henderson for making this a great day in the garden!

Arbor Day in the Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden

With fall being a great time to plant trees, we celebrated our annual Arbor Day at the Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden on October 14th! 9 various native trees were donated by generous supporters of the garden and planted in the garden by volunteers. There was a display of some of the top trees of the Santa Ynez Valley provided by local nurseries, Manzanita Nursery and Windmill Nursery. Also in the garden was a scavenger hunt in the garden to locate and identify trees by their leaves, a fun “Thanks Tree” craft project for kids, displays of how to plant trees, a display on how to count the rings on a tree, an on site Arborist answering questions and providing great information reading in the garden with the library and mulching and composting demonstration and information.

In addition to all that, with the amazing community effort, 3 owl boxes were installed into the garden on Arbor Day as well. An exciting addition to the garden that we look forward to watching and learning from. They were very carefully installed by Troop 42 Scouts and Adults. Holes were dug by B&B Landscape, Steel Supplies were donated and welded by Vaquero Energy and many others were integral in making completing this project. We are so thankful for everyone’s contributions for this exciting addition to the garden!

Propagation Area Progress

Our propagation area is looking fantastic and nearing completion thanks to the beautiful craftsmanship of Stonescapes Custom Masonry and Custom Hardscapes for the wonderful pavers. Thanks to everyone’s generous support our goal to start propagation this fall is near, we are looking for donations and leads on a few items to complete the project: stainless steel table, sink, hoses, brooms, buckets, potting soil, pearlite and peat moss. We are excited to start this new resource for our community, please let us know if you have any of these items to contribute!

Acorn Village Forest School students make Mothers Day Gifts in the Garden

A gift to Mom

“ The best projects we do at Acorn Village, are the ones where we use only materials from the land, throughout the whole project.

While at the Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden, we connected twigs from the ground, carved and sanded the twigs to make handles for our new paintbrushes.
We then found some yucca growing on the hill at the garden. We harvested some leaves from the yucca and pounded them with rocks into strong fibers. The next task was to separate and dry the fiber. The fiber became new bristles in our paintbrush, which we will attach with some yarn and waterproof glue.

After that, we are going to search for some cochineal beetles on the prickly pear behind the Botanic Garden, and we will scrape those off to paint with.

The children will make lovely Mother’s Day cards with our handmade brushes, to go with the salve we are making with beeswax and plantain, also harvested partly at the SYV Botanic Garden.
This project is so wonderful.
Enjoy a few of our pics from our paintbrush prep.”

Photos and writing, provided by Tracy Roberts

Gratitude From Tinkergarten Class on National Public Lands Day

In honor of National Public Lands Day, our Tinkergarten class wanted to share our gratitude to you and all of the people who make it possible for us to hold class in the Santa Ynez Botanic Garden in River View Park. We know that our park would not be here for us to learn and play in without a great deal of effort from all of you and all of the parks and recreation maintenance personnel. In our Tinkergarten classes, we teach children and their parents about sustainability and how important it is to care for and support our parks. The children in our class created a Thank You poster for you and your staff, decorated with paints the children made themselves from natural materials. Please accept the attached photo (with the only Tinkergarten Explorers we could wrangle to stand still!) with our sincerest thanks for all that you do. 

We SO love our park!

All the best, 
Katherine Naphy
Tinkergarten Leader, Santa Ynez Valley


Tinkergarten National Public Lands Day.jpg

April 2013

On April 9, 2013 the board of “SYV Botanic Garden” received some wonderful news. The distinguished “Garden Club of Santa Barbara” awarded the Botanic Garden a generous Grant in the amount of $ 3,500.00.
It is the Garden Club’s request that the funds are used towards the construction of the Children’s Theatre and outdoor class room. Thanks to the Grant, the Garden is closer to starting the project. A sincere and heart felt “THANK YOU” goes out to all distinguished members of the Garden Club of Santa Barbara, on behalf of the board members and volunteers of the Botanic Garden, and the SYV community. Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden is a non-profit organization who operate, grow and rely on donations, grants and volunteer work by the community. If you would like to participate, make a donation or visit and enjoy the Botanic Garden, you can find us at: River View Park/West side, Buellton CA 93427

sb garden club3.jpg